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Move office with are expert removalists who can assist you in your next office move at a competitive rate. Our on-line quotation system has an inventory dedicated to office relocations and can serve quotes in an instant. From there you can return to edit or book you office move at your convenience.

From a full pre-pack by our expert team to a basic relocation, when you move office with you can choose the level of service to suit your needs and budget. All services can be quoted and booked on-line using our tried and tested system.

If you would prefer to speak to someone to organise your move our experienced sales consultants are ready for you call on 1800 812 333, or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Top Tips To Help You Move Office

  • Start preparations early. While it may be a disruptive process to move office, the earlier you start preparing the more order you are likely to maintain and the greater the likelihood that your office move will run smoothly. Office staff may be planning on taking leave and you need to allow them time to prepare their desks and files in advance.
  • If you have an office with several employees it is recommended that you nominate a staff member to manage the moving process. It is important that someone is responsible for planning, preparing and overseeing your office move to ensure that every task is done in an efficient and orderly manner.
  • Packing computers and electrical equipment: Electrical equipment is particularly sensitive when it comes to being transported. Such devices are inherently fragile and susceptible to damage from static electricity, so it is crucial that you spend the time required and use appropriate packing materials when preparing your electrical devices for transport. We have dedicated an entire article on 'Packing Electrical Devices & Equipment' so that you can ensure your expensive equipment survives the trip intact.
  • To ensure that you can hit the ground running in your new office location, it's important to properly label and inventory all items to be moved. Colour coding your labels can make it easier to identify what is to go where, so you can get up and running as soon as possible. Coloured labels (or clearly marked ones) can also be used by office workers in the lead up to your office move to easily communicate what can be packed early and what is still in use.
  • Prioritise. Carefully plan your packing order. It can take time to properly pack when you move office. The last thing you need is to be looking for that important file that is already boxed and ready for transport. Pack rarely used books and archives first. Leave adequate office supplies out to last you to moving day. When it comes to packing your office kitchen items you can find more information in our guide: Packing Tips For Moving House.
  • Take care not to overload your boxes with books. Use purpose specific book boxes and proper removalist's tape. Overloaded boxes may cause injury to your staff or office movers, can collapse under their own weight, or crush other items in your load.
  • In some cases this may not be possible, but it may be wise to carry important business documents and documents of a confidential or sensitive nature with you.
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