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What NOT To Pack When Moving House

What not to pack when moving house

Whether you are planning a DIY move or decide to hire professional furniture removalists, there are a number of items that you should not pack. The Dangerous Goods Act and various other Commonwealth and state and territory laws mean that some items are even illegal to transport without special licenses and equipment.

Not only can some items cause injury or death to your furniture removalists and other people involved in your move, but they can also cause damage to the removalists truck, property and other items in your consignment.

All hazardous goods should be transported and/or disposed of in a safe, legal and environmentally friendly manner.

Explosives, Combustibles & Other Hazardous Goods

Chemicals and other items of an explosive or combustible nature should not be transported by your furniture removalists. These might include (but are not limited to):

  • fertilisers;

  • fuels;

  • pool chemicals;

  • many household and industrial cleaning chemicals;

  • fireworks;

  • motor oils;

  • paint thinners;

  • acids;

  • highly explosive aerosols and lighter fluids;

  • munitions;

  • chemistry sets;

  • car batteries;

  • lamp oils;

  • paints;

  • weed killers;

  • anything else of a highly flammable, combustible or otherwise hazardous nature.

Some items can be transported safely, provided that are prepared correctly:

  • LPG gas bottles should be emptied safely by a qualified professional and away from any ignition sources;

  • Lawn mowers and other gardening equipment should be empties of all fuel and oil;

Transporting Liquids

Great care should be taken if any liquids are to be transported. Red wine, for example, can cause a tremendous amount of damage to other goods and furniture within your load if the bottles fracture. You should avoid transporting liquids in your load or ensure that they are packed correctly (using appropriate boxes) and clearly labelled. You should consult your furniture removalists about whether or not liquids are allowed to be transported in your consignment.

Other Objects That May Cause Injury Or Damage

There are many dangerous items in your home and garden that will need special care when preparing them for moving house. Ensure that all sharp objects (scissors, garden shears, knives, etc.) are wrapped securely with cloth and tape or other appropriate materials to prevent injury to yourselves, your furniture removalists and damage to the moving truck, property, and other items in your furniture removal.

Valuables, Irreplaceable Items, Important Documents and Medications

We cannot stress enough that important medications should not be packed along with the rest of your load in your furniture removal. Even when rarely used, asthma ventilators, anti-histamines, epi-pens (for anaphylaxis) and other medications should be kept with you at all times during your move.

Moving house is a dangerous time so keep a first aid kit on hand throughout the course of your furniture removal.

Valuable items aren't necessarily those with the highest monetary value. Where possible, family heirlooms and other irreplaceable should be transported with you wherever possible. Even with the most reputable of furniture removalists, there's always the risk of damage or loss in transit, especially when moving interstate or long-distance.

Important documents should always travel with you when you are moving house. If you have moved house before, you will know that you are likely to have to produce them more than usual (moving and creating new accounts, obtaining mortgages, etc.). Keeping your documents on you during the process can also help to reduce the likelihood of identity theft, damage and loss.

Special Requirements for Plants

Whether or not you should move pot-plants will depend on the distances and time required to undertake your move, along with cost considerations and adherence to quarantine restrictions for interstate furniture removals.

If you are moving interstate, or a long distance, it may not be wise to transport your plants. Ask your furniture removalists for advice on your specific circumstances. There are quarantine restrictions that apply in some states (particularly Western Australia) that prohibit the import of plants and other organic materials from other states.

If you have a fixed price removal (rather than an hourly rate) there may be cost implications of transporting plants. You cannot stack plants like other items of furniture and moving cartons. Any item that takes up more space in your furniture removalist's truck than it's actual (or physical) volume is likely to be charged for the additional space that they will require within the truck.

If you do decide to move your plants, ensure that they are well watered several days in advance of your furniture removal. They must not be allowed to leak inside the furniture removalist's truck.

Packing properly for your move is one of the most important steps in preparing for your local or interstate furniture removal. You can read our top tips on packing here.

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