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Booking your furniture removal with

Over-the-Phone Moving Quotes and Bookings

Our sales consultants work extended business hours and are ready to provide obligation free quotes for your local or interstate furniture removal in a matter of minutes. It's a simple process. All we need to know is what furniture needs to be moved, where you're moving from and to and any access issues that we might need to know about (flights of stairs, lifts, overhanging trees, parking and truck size restrictions, etc).

Getting On-Line Furniture Removal Quotes & Bookings

By filling out our on-line form you can get an instant quote for your furniture removal between most places in Australia. After you've received your quote you have the choice to book it on-line completely or to book your move over the phone with our sales consultants, who will be able to access your quote through our internal quote and booking system.

Getting an on-line quote for your furniture removal is simple:

  1. Click on “New Quote” in the menu at the top of this page;
  2. Complete the inventory of what furniture needs moving;
  3. Tell us the suburb and state you're moving from and to;
  4. Let us know of any access issues, storage requirements, stairs or elevators involved;
  5. Enter your e-mail address (so we can send you a copy of your quote with our conditions attached);
  6. Press “Get Quote”.

That's all there is to getting an instant quote for your next furniture removal!

Our instant quote and booking service has proven to be very accurate over the years and you can have your furniture removal quoted and booked in minutes!

Our on-line system is available 24/7, so you can organise your upcoming furniture removal at your own pace and at a time that's convenient to you. Furthermore, you can make changes to your inventory and details of your furniture removal even after you've booked your move!

Booking Your Furniture Removal

After the quotation stage, you can choose to go ahead and book your move straight away, or you can log on at a later stage or give us a call to book your furniture removal in whenever you're ready.

You can continue to modify your furniture removal inventory right up until the day before your move is scheduled - so you don't have to worry if you're not yet sure of how many furniture removal cartons you're going to have. Our pricing works on a sliding scale, so the more furniture that you have to move, the cheaper the cubic metre rate will be. It's important, though, that you do update your item list with final counts at least 24 hours before your furniture removal is scheduled to ensure there's enough room allocated for your move. It may be the case that you have fewer items of furniture to move than you originally thought. If you update your list at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled move then we can reduce the quoted price, whereas if we're not updated and you have fewer items of furniture when the furniture removalists arrive then we can no longer reduce the price because we can no longer sell the excess space we've allocated for your furniture.

Getting Ready For The Move

We've prepared a host of articles on packing and preparing in our "A Furniture Removalist's Guide To..." section. If you've got the time, they're well worth the read. We can't cover all the specifics of packing in this article, but our top tips for packing for your furniture removal include:

  • Use quality furniture removal cartons and packing materials to ensure a safe journey, especially when moving interstate;
  • Start early, packing usually takes longer than you think;
  • Label everything with your name, job number (issued with your quote), delivery address, the box contents (can make unpacking easier), and any special handling requirements;
  • Leave larger items that can't be boxed to your furniture removalists, who will use furniture removal pads/blankets to wrap tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc.
  • Don't overload cartons. It may seem like it's going to save you money, but they're difficult for you and your furniture removalists to carry and are more likely to collapse – which is going to be far more costly!
  • Empty drawers and wardrobes, etc. They, or their contents, are more susceptible to damage and they may be too heavy for your furniture removalist's to safely carry.
  • Take your time and do a good job. Proper packing can reduce movement and greatly mitigate any risks of breakage, whether you're moving one street away or to the other side of the country.
During Your Furniture Removal

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure your furniture removal goes ahead smoothly is simply to be contactable. Provide as many contact numbers as possible and leave your mobile switched on and charged in the lead up to your removal and right up until the furniture removalists have left the delivery point.

Some general tips for moving day and for the course of your furniture removal:

  • Protect your carpet by laying down some sheets or towels during periods of bad weather;
  • Don't try to speed up the moving process by putting all your furniture outside in anticipation of the furniture removalist's arrival – delays happen in the transport industry in general as there's so many factors that can bring them on. Any company that says otherwise is not being honest.
  • Carry important documents, irreplacable jewelery and the like with you.
  • Pack a "Handy Pack" that travels with you. It should contain a First Aid Kit, and you might like to include coffee, tea, and other items you'll want after the furniture removalist's have left and straight away at your new home.
  • At both pickup and delivery compare your inventory to what goes on and off the furniture removalist's truck.

If you've got any further questions about moving with us or furniture removals in general please browse through our many articles and moving resources. If you'd like any more information please don't hesitate to call our office or send us an e-mail.

You may find the process of moving to be daunting at first, but you can rest assured in the fact that we've successfully moved thousands of individuals, families and business' over the years, to all corners of the country. You might not move every day, but we do.

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