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Who To Contact When Moving

Who To Contact When MovingThe list of people, businesses and organisations that you will need to contact when you are moving house is long and varies greatly depending on your situation. In this article we outline some of the common parties who you will likely need to contact when moving, and how to organise a comprehensive list of everyone you will need to update your details with.


Common People, Business' and Organisations You Will Need to Contact When Moving


Building a List of People to Contact When Moving House

No 'set-list' of individuals, businesses and organisations to contact when moving will cater to everyone's needs. While you may need to contact many in the above list, there's likely to be a host of other parties that you will need to contact when moving house.

An excellent way of building your custom list of people, businesses and organisations you will need to contact to update your details is to keep a list of all incoming mail in the months or weeks preceding your move.

For a small fee you can organise for Australia Post to redirect your mail to your new address for a set period of time. This can help to identify anyone you have missed, so that you may update your details after your move is complete.

It's a good idea to leave a forwarding address with the new residents of the property you are moving out of, or with former neighbours so that any packages can be redirected to your new address.

Keep an eye our for electronic statements and promotions delivered via email. You may have elected to receive these on-line rather than via regular mail, but these companies or authorities may still need to know about your move.

If you are being charged regularly for a product or service it is highly likely the provider will need a current address. Look at your bank and credit card statements to see who’s charging you on a regular or semi-regular basis. You don’t always receive statements or invoices via regular mail from those you do business with. If you’re signed up for internet banking it’s usually simple to add a filter on a long transaction list to look at debits only over an extended period, to see who’s charging you.

Once you’ve established who you need to inform of your move, you can set about letting them know.


Ways to Get The Message Out

A bulk email to everyone in your contact list may allow you to get the word out quickly, and more personal emails can be directed to close friends and family.

Social networking sites may also be useful in informing people of your move, just remember to use private messages to let those you are close to know where they can find you - or alternatively, set up a private group to keep your nearest and dearest in the loop! This ensures everyone is kept up-to-date, and you may even be able to recruit some helpers to assist you in packing for your removal!

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