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Moving Costs

Moving house costs

Preparing an accurate budget is one of the most important tasks to undertake when moving house. The costs of moving house can differ significantly and may depend on many factors. In this article we seek to cover the most common moving house costs so that you can better plan for your move and avoid any budget blow-outs.

If you are looking to reduce the costs of moving house, read our article 'Hot Tips For Saving Money on Your Next Move'.

Calculating Furniture Removal Costs

When it comes to hiring a removalist the costs can vary considerably depending on many factors, including:

  • The distances involved;
  • The volume to be moved, including allowances for fragile items and those that require more room on the truck than their physical size;
  • What access issues that are present at the pickup and delivery points;
  • Whether stairs or lifts are involved at pickup or delivery;
  • The time of year;
  • The number of people that will be required to undertake the move (this can be influenced by the weight and size of the furniture to be moved);
  • How far you are located from a metropolitan centre;
  • The terrain of the pickup and delivery localities;
  • Whether any ferries will be required for island locations;
  • Whether the moving company will be required to pay additional charges for parking;
  • And more!

With all these factors it is very difficult to provide an average cost, or estimate of the costs of moving house. You may also be charged on either a time or fixed-rate basis (which will effect whether some of the above factors apply). It is best to get quotes from multiple moving companies to assess what moving house costs will be involved for you.

Our easy to use on-line quotation system can calculate the furniture removal costs of moving house in seconds. Simply enter the locations from which are moving from and to, the items that need to be moved and we will issue you with an instant quote. The system can quote for both local and interstate moving costs.

You may require additional services not covered in standard moving costs. If requested, our on-line quotation system is also capable of calculating the costs of:

  • Storage and redelivery;
  • Interstate car transport;
  • Pre-packing services;
  • Packing metrials and supply;
  • Multiple pickup and delivery locations;
  • Transit Protection Options;
DIY Alternatives:

Today, many people are opting for the do-it-yourself alternative to hiring professional removalists. It is relatively inexpensive to hire a moving truck and move yourself. There are, of course, pro's and con's to this approach.

Some of the costs you should consider when moving yourself include:

  • Truck rental costs;
  • Insurance premium reduction costs;
  • Fuel costs – be sure to fill up your rental truck before returning it as most companies will charge you at an inflated price to fill it on your return);
  • The costs of the necessary equipment to get the job done right, including removal pads/blankets, purpose specific ties, trolleys, etc;
  • If you are moving interstate with a truck or trailer, you will likely incur some sort of return fee if you will not be returning the vehicle or trailer to the location from which it originated.
  • Don't forget to budget for a slab or beer, or a nice bottle of wine for your friends/helpers!

If you're interested in finding out more, we've dedicated an entire article to DIY Furniture Removals here.

Other Moving Costs

  • It is vital that you allow for some sort of contingency fund in your budget. If there's something that needs urgent repair in your new home, or something pops up that you hadn't budgeted for you may need access to money that you wouldn't otherwise have accounted for.
  • Packing materials. Always purchase and use purpose specific packing materials. If you don't, the costs of moving house could be much more than you bargained for! Read our Top Tips on Packing.
  • You may need to hire professional cleaners at the property you are leaving and the one you are moving to.
  • Insurance coverage for your move. Some home and contents policies do cover (or have limited cover) for this, otherwise you should seriously consider taking out some level of protection with your moving company;
  • The costs of buying and/or selling properties including:
    • Stamp duty;
    • Real estate agents fees;
    • Conveyancing and legal fees;
    • Lending costs from your mortgage provider;
    • The cost of inspections by qualified tradespeople;
  • Connection of telephone line and other services. There may be separate setup fees for broadband and other internet technologies.
  • Mail redirection fees;
  • Setup costs for cable/satellite television;

Long Distance or Interstate Moving Costs

If you're moving interstate, there's likely to be some other costs involved that aren't likely to effect people who move house locally. You may need to account for:

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