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Moving In The Rain

Moving in the rainUnfortunate as it is, many people are faced with the 'less than ideal' prospect of moving in the rain. So what steps can you take to protect your furniture, your house and the people involved in your move when the weather takes a turn for the worse?

Protecting Everyone's Safety When Moving in the Rain

First and foremost, you should thinking “safety” when moving in the rain. Moving house will always involve people repeatedly entering and exiting your house, walking up and down driveways, carrying heavy and awkward objects, and walking over tiled areas. Adding water to this mixture puts everyone involved in your move at increased risk of injury.

  • Ensure that the furniture removalists have easy access to your house so they have as short a distance to walk in the rain as possible.
  • Providing extra mats, blankets, towels or drop-sheets across tiled areas and at your front door can reduce the likelihood that people with wet feet will slip. Ensure that any floor covering are laid out flat and don't present their own tripping hazard. Taping them down at the edges can reduce gathering.
  • Ensure that un-interruptable power supplies, computers and other electrical devices that hold dangerous charges are switched off, well packed and protected from the rain. Read our tips on packing electronic devices and equipment.
  • Hose any mud off concrete driveways to prevent slippage.
  • Wear protective footwear with adequate grip if you'll be involved outside of the house.
  • Don't try and speed up the process too much. The more rushed everyone is when moving in the rain, the more likely someone will get hurt.
  • If rain is likely, place as much outdoor furniture and other items under cover as you can. Dry off any water in advance of your furniture removalist's arrival - you don't want to be wasting time on this when you're movers are loading your job.


What To Expect When Moving House in the Rain

  • Our furniture removalists will continue to load – rain, hail or shine. It's important for us to keep your schedule (as well as those of other clients) on track as property handover deadlines, airline flights, other scheduled services and utility disconnections will occur whether it's raining or not.
  • Whether rain is forecast or not, you should never try to speed up the moving process by placing your furniture and cartons outside of your house. They'll not only be more exposed to theft, but they may be at the mercy of the elements in the event of a sudden, unforeseen change in the weather.
  • Your floors are likely to be dirtier after moving in the rain. Your furniture removalists will not be able to remove their shoes each time they enter your house. It's always best to book any professional carpet cleaning services for the day after you move. It's a good idea to leave out essential cleaning supplies until after the moving process is complete.
  • Moving in the rain can take a little longer than it otherwise would and your furniture removalists may well be delayed by loading previous jobs in the rain. Be prepared for this by being flexible, and don't over-shedule your day with too many other tasks.
  • Your moving boxes are likely to weaken in wet conditions, so it's important that they're packed and sealed properly. See our packing tips for more information.
  • On request, we can supply plastic covers for your couches and matresses. They are otherwise readily available at local storage facilities. Other large items will be wrapped in protective furniture removal pads or blankets.

Moving in the rain may involve a little extra planning and care, but you can take confidence from the fact that our furniture removalists help people move house in the rain all the time and are well equipped to minimise the impact a rainy day will have on your moving day.

If you have any further questions about moving in the rain, or moving house in general please give our sales staff a call on 1800 812 333, or send us a message via our contact page.

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