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Moving With Babies

Moving With BabiesMoving house can be quite a stressful time. So, if you have a baby, its best to be prepared to minimise any additional moving stresses. Below is a list of useful tips which may come in handy if you're a new parent and you're moving with babies or toddlers.

Don't Forget About You - There's a lot happening at this time. Looking after a baby is hard work at the best of times. Looking after a baby while moving can be even more overwhelming. Babies are sponges - they pick up every emotion that you're feeling. The extra stress you're under when moving transfers easily to your baby. Making sure that you're okay is important. Try and make some time for yourself to unwind. Take as much advantage of your support network of family and friends as possible over the course of the moving process. You may be moving away from your support network, so try and develop a new one in your new community as soon as possible.

If you're feeling too overwhelmed by it all don't try and hide it away. You'll need to talk it out with friends, family or seek proper medical advice.

Be Prepared -
Start packing early to avoid everything being done at the last minute. This will cause minimal disruption to your baby's routine. Wash baby's clothes a few days prior to your move so that they are completely dry for the big move, making sure to keep enough out while your goods are on the furniture removalists truck.

Pack a special "handy pack" for the baby, and carry this with you. It should include nappies and spare clothing that the baby will need before your furniture removalist arrives with all your goods.

Don't pack away your baby's security items, like their 'blankie' or 'teddy'. Something so familiar can make baby feel more safe with all the disruption brought on by the move and will help them adjust more quickly when moving in.

Minimise Hazards for Babies -
When moving home, objects that are usually kept out of arms reach, can be accidentally left lying around. Scissors, cleaning products, even kitchen pantry items can pose potential dangers for children if misused or eaten. Make sure that these items and anything that could cause a threat to babies are kept well out of reach at all times.

Try to Keep the Baby's Schedule - If the baby has a regular feeding time or sleeping time, try and stick to it when you are moving where possible.

Baby Restraint for your Car - Keep this in your car or with you. You don't want to be stranded without being able to transport your baby around, if your removalist's truck is delayed with all of your furniture.
Also, keep the stroller with you, take it in your car or on the plane, so that you are ready to move around with your baby as soon as you arrive at your new location.

Planning for your Baby's New Home - When choosing your new home, take into consideration whether there are schools and kindergartens in the area you plan to move to.  Also are there any play centres nearby? Enquire about mothers groups as well. Its a great way to meet new people in the area, and find out about those tucked away local restaurant gems in the area.  As soon as you choose your new home, be sure to contact local child care centres. Sometimes they have long waiting lists - this also applies to schools for older children.

Locate your new local family doctor and Maternal and Child Healthcare centre as soon as possible. You'll need to remeber to keep your baby's medical records with you so your baby's doctor and nurse can get up to speed on your baby's history and needs.

Pets and Babies - Be sure to keep your pets away from your baby over the course of the move and after you've moved in. Pets can get quite stressed with the change of environment and even the most placid of pets can become a little more snappy at this time.

Moving Day: If possible, it's best to have someone else look after your baby on moving day. There's a lot of noise, disruption and hazards to account for on moving day. You'll be juggling a million tasks to make sure that the move goes off without a hitch and it'll be difficult for you to give your baby the attention it'll need. There's probably a few people who will jump at the chance to have a bit more time with your baby before it goes on it's big adventure!

Moving Interstate With a Baby: Moving a great distance, or interstate, with your baby requires a bit more planning and care than a local furniture removal:

  • If you are flying interstate, most airlines will allow you to travel with a collapsible stroller/pram, collapsible cot or bassinet, or car seat or baby capsule that is not included in your regular baggage allowance. Some airlines also offer free strollers for use after you have checked yours in. If your baby is under the age of two, they generally fly free, provided that you will nurse them in flight.

    The cabin pressure inside the aircraft will increase in higher altitudes. This may cause great discomfort for your baby as they do not know how to 'pop' their ears (relieve the pressure). Products are readily available from the chemist that allow you to pop your baby's ears for them. Alternatively, breast or bottle feeding during the ascent and descent phases of your flight can cause you baby's ears to pop naturally.
  • Some parents do prefer to use re-usable nappies for their babies. However, it you may find it easier to use disposable nappies when moving interstate. There may be long periods where you will be unable to clean cloth nappies, and they may need to remain packed in bags during flights or long drives. Depending on the transit time for your furniture removalists, you may be waiting for several days, or even weeks for long distance moves, before you will receive your washing machine.
  • If traveling by car, be sure to take regular breaks along the way. Where possible, plan your trip so that your baby will be scheduled to sleep when you are traveling the longest distances.

Follow these tips for a successful furniture removal with an infant or toddler - after all, a happy bubby means a happy mummy and daddy!

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